Amy Schmid: Wellness Coach and Bodybuilder

Amy Schmid: Wellness Coach and Bodybuilder

I Grew up as an athlete in Columbus, Ohio, playing every sport I could. At the age of 18, I got a rare neurological disease called Guillian-Barre Syndrome. This disease basically paralyzed me for about 6 months. Once diagnosed, I was treated and began the road to recovery! Basically, a tiny germ got into my immune system causing it to attack the mylan sheath from around my nerves. By the time I was diagnosed, I was in a wheelchair and unable to stand and I didn’t have feeling in my arms or legs. I was told it could be 6 months before I was walking again and may never make a full recovery.

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After spending a week in the hospital and a little over a month in rehabilitation, I was released as ‘normal’. Because I was nowhere near my personal ‘normal’, I started working in a gym. That’s where I learned about food, muscles, weight training and molding a body. One year after being release from physical rehabilitation, I stepped on stage in my first bodybuilding show, and continued to competed for the next 5 years. I won many titles, but mostly enjoyed the personal challenge to improve and surpass my own expectations. It’s a challenge, a test of determination, discipline and scientific knowledge. It takes dedication and a ton of support from friends and family.

Now, I enjoy just coaching and staying in shape! I have been a trainer and coach for over 10 years working with competitors, athletes and the general public looking to make healthy changes in their life. With my all education and experience, I generally specialize in bodybuilding, fitness and figure contest prep, as well as strength and core conditioning.

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